I WANNA ROLL WITH YOU, Connan Mockasin

“I Wanna Roll With You” takes you rowing on a wide, misty lake. It’s overcast today, leaving the sky pregnant with precipitation. The damp air hanging between you two is heavy with his nervousness, because you both know without him saying that coming out on the water was just his excuse to get closer to you.

It begins to rain, so you take the boat’s wide, protective tarp and cover yourselves. Lying on the floor of the tiny vessel, you both watch as raindrops slide off the sheath like tears slipping off of a cheek. You shiver together and lie in wait for what feels like an eternity. Finally, the downpour ends. But instead of sitting up right away, you only look at each other. And then comes the moment that you knew would happen.

The song confides his unending pull to you, his desire to ride through life with you by his side, the same way that now you bob on the waves of the water. You’re not even touching, yet you’ve never in your life felt closer to another person than here on this wooden craft too small to hold the immense intentions he’s just bestowed from his heart to yours.

And yet, to your disbelief, you stay afloat.

Hear “I Wanna Roll With You” on Connan Mockasin’s 2013 album, Caramel.


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